Common Kayo Fox 70 Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

The Kayo Fox 700 is perhaps the best quad bike for any parent looking for a safe and manageable ride for a child six years and above. This ATV comes with plenty of safety features and automatic transmission making it quite helpful for first-time riders or kids who are training to take their very first spin on a four-wheeler.

The best thing about the Fox 70 is its price. And despite the low price tag, this quad bike has many of the features of high-end models, plus it outperforms close competitors by far. However, despite the many positive Kayo 70 reviews, users may be faced with several problems now and then.

Luckily, we have detailed some of the common problems you are likely to experience with your Kayo along with their quick fixes. But first, let’s explore Kayo Fox 70 top specifications and its defining features.

Kayo Fox 70 Specs

EngineType – SOHC 4-stroke
Displacement – 70cc
Ignition – Electric
Cooling – Air cooled
Carburetor – Yes
DrivetrainTransmission – Fully automatic
Speed – Single speed
Drive System – 2×4
Final drive- Chain
BrakesFront – Hydraulic disc
Rear – Hydraulic disc
TiresFront – 16 x 8 – 7 in.
Rear – 16 x 8 – 7 in.
Fuel capacity0.55 gal.
DimensionsLength – 49.8 in.
Height – 34.6 in.
Width – 31.4 in.
Ground Clearance – 4.5 in.
Wheelbase – 30.3 in.
Seat Height – 23.8 in.
Weight – 158.7 lbs.
Seating capacity1
SuspensionFront – Non-adjustable shocks
Rear – Single shock – adjustable

Top Kayo 70 Features

  • Kayo Fox 70cc engine is the best choice for young riders who are just getting started. Furthermore, the engine comes in a low maintenance air-cooled design, which makes it easy to start and manage the power supply.
  • The fully automatic transmission helps ensure that the quad is easy to control so young riders can ride safely without worrying about shifting. Other safety features include a safety tether, an adjustable speed limiter, and a remote engine kill switch.
  • The Fox 70 is effortless to maintain, which is attributed to features such as an easily accessible engine and the tool-less removable seat.
  • The front and rear suspensions are designed with young riders in mind so you are assured of an easy steering, stable and comfortable ride. In addition, the front and rear disc brakes allow the rider to control the quad’s speed and brake securely when needed or during emergencies.
  • Kayo’s sturdy frame is designed to withstand rigorous use daily while allowing you to maintain lightweight. In addition, if your young ones are looking forward to take on rough trails, Fox’s 4.5-inch ground is undoubtedly up to the task.

Kayo Fox 70 Top Speed

Kayo Fox 70 is primarily designed for kids six years and above, making it ideal for introducing your young ones to motorized vehicles. But how fast can Kayo Fox 70 go? With top speeds of around 25 mph, Fox 70 is one of the fastest young–sized ATVs, which gives young riders a thrill while providing a perfect combination of enjoyment and safety.

What’s more, Kayo Fox 70 speed limiter allows parents to restrict the maximum speed of the machine thus ensuring a safe ride. Generally, Fox 70 top speed is designed with safety in mind, making it a great entry-level quad bike for anyone looking to introduce their children to off roading.

Kayo Fox 70 Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

Kayo Fox 70 Problems

1. Kayo Fox 70 won’t start

The most common displeasure among Kayo Fox 70 owners is the engine failing to start at some point. There are many reasons why your engine may fail to start but the common causes include faulty battery terminals, loose/disconnected wiring, dead/damaged battery, faulty valves, and damaged spark plugs.


  • The best place to start when troubleshooting an engine that won’t start is inspecting the battery terminals. Ensure to check for any signs of corrosion or damage. If your battery terminals are corroded, apply some grease to enhance their performance and prolong their life span. In addition, give them a proper cleaning to remove dust and debris.
  • Additionally, connection issues are also a common reason why the engine may fail to start, so ensure to check if your wiring is properly connected.
  • ATV batteries tend to drain quickly, especially when left running for an extended period. If your quad won’t start, you can troubleshoot the battery to check if it is getting 12 volts as recommended. If not, consider recharging the problem to see if it will help solve the problem.
  • Finally, check the condition of the spark plugs to ensure that they are not blown or covered with dirt or oil. If the spark plugs are severely damaged, they will likely make your machine fail to start. The only solution to this is replacing the plugs with high-quality ones.

2. Faulty carburetor

The second common problem experienced by Fox 70 owners is a faulty carburetor. Some of the telltale signs that the Kayo Fox 70 carburetor has failed include reduced engine performance, occasional stalling, reduced speed, poor acceleration, and engine overheating or backfiring than usual.


  • The easiest way to fix a faulty carburetor is by cleaning it thoroughly or replacing it if need be. Upgrading the carburetor with a high-quality one should have your machine up and running again. The best part yet, carburetors are simple to install and fairly inexpensive, so upgrading should not be much hassle.
  • If you are not in a position to buy a new carburetor, you can still repair the existing one. You can begin by adjusting the settings several times until the problem is fixed permanently. If your machine is still experiencing the same issues even after repairing or replacing the carburetor, then you’ll need to seek professional assistance.

3. Transmission problems

Over time, debris and dirt may find their way into the transmission fluid, thereby compromising its fluid properties. This can make the quad lose power or even fail to move altogether. Other reasons that may make Kayo Fox 70 fail to engage include low transmission fluid level, a problem with the shifter, and a range of other mechanical problems within the valve body.


  • To solve most of the transmission issues, you may want to replace the transmission fluid periodically to help prolong the lifespan of your transmission system.
  • Also, make it a habit to inspect your transmission fluid level. Insufficient fluid adds more pressure to the interior components, which might make the transmission system break down.
  • Remember, transmission systems are often complex, so be sure to consult a professional to help you with all your transmission issues.

4. Lack/loss of power

Considering that the Fox 70 is intended for beginner riders, it may not offer much of the low-end power needed to tackle tough terrains. Some off roaders may get disappointed to learn that the machine may struggle to make it up the hills. Additionally, the lack of power might essentially make it almost impossible to ride Kayo Fox 70 on any trail that isn’t smooth or flat.

Kayo Fox 70 is also prone to sudden power loss, which can get worse over time. There are several reasons that can make your machine suddenly drop power, including a clogged air/fuel filter, dirty exhaust pipe, damaged spark plugs, and faulty sensors, among other mechanical issues. Power problems can worsen over time, so it is always a good idea to deal with them as soon as they appear.


  • Over time, engines can lose power, and this can result in a significant drop in horsepower and engine efficiency. You can fix the lack or loss of power by repairing or replacing the affected component thereby providing more power.
  • Kayo Fox 70 throttle adjustment is also a great way to increase engine power while ensuring your machine runs as smoothly as possible. You can easily achieve this by adjusting the throttle limiter until you attain the maximum power the machine is intended to reach.
  • You may also need to periodically check the condition of the air filter for possible blockages and dirt build-up. Furthermore, observing routine maintenance and servicing will prove quite helpful in the long run.

5. Battery issues

Much like any other ATV, Kayo’s battery is not foolproof. The battery can keep on dying even after taking proper care and recharging it as needed. Some of the common reasons for a dead battery or that can make it keeps dying include;

  • If the battery remains unused/ sits inactive for too long
  • The battery is too old
  • The battery is unable to hold a charge anymore
  • Weak charging system
  • Bad/damaged battery
  • Faulty sensors
  • Low fluid levels


  • If you suspect a dead battery is the one holding you back, you can easily diagnose the problem using a multimeter. If the voltage supply is zero or below 12V, then it means the battery has run out of charge and needs to be recharged as soon as possible. However, the easiest way of fixing a dead battery is to get a new battery.
  • But even before you spend a fortune on buying a new battery, it is important to check your machine and ensure that there isn’t any other underlying problem, such as loose or broken cables. Off roading comes with a lot of rough handling so it is not uncommon to find several wires that the battery depends on wires becoming loose or broken.

6. Cold/winter weather problems

If you notice your quad does not start in the morning and have ruled out a dead battery, the problem could be caused by cold/winter temperatures. If that’s the case, then you should not panic. Extreme cold temperatures can impair your machine’s sparking ability, so you’ll need to troubleshoot it to get your quad back to running smoothly again.


  • To solve cold weather ignition problems, you’ll need to find a way to warm up the machine before you try to ignite it. You can achieve this by pushing the choke for about one minute and letting the gas run until it heats up. Once the engine is warm enough, then you should be able to ignite the machine effortlessly.

Final Words

The Kayo Fox 70 is designed to offer the basic functionality of an ATV to young ones without sacrificing fun or safety of the rider. However, like any other all-terrain vehicle, Fox 70 is not without its flaws. Luckily, we have that we have highlighted most, if not all the issues that are common in a Kayo Fox 70.

And while most of these problems can be resolved easily, it is critical to seek expert assistance where necessary. To prevent aggravating these issues, you should always follow routine maintenance as well as servicing critical engine components.

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