Odes 800 Dominator Problems and Their Fixes

Odes UTVs are becoming more popular among off road enthusiasts, thanks to their usefulness and versatility. With great price tags and loads of standard features, the company offers some of the best-value utility vehicles in the market.

Odes Dominator 800 is one of the top UTVs on the market and the go-to machine for just about any utility task. Whether you’re planning to go on a fishing adventure over the weekend or tour around the farm, Odes 800 Dominator will definitely get the job done.

And like other Odes UTVs, the Odes 800 Dominator does not compromise when it comes to flexibility. Furthermore, it comes with best-in-class features, including an 800cc, 4-stroke engine that delivers more than enough power to allow you to pull through the mud.

Odes 800 Dominator Highlights


  • Displacement – 800cc
  • Engine type – V Twin
  • Cylinders – 2
  • Engine stroke – 4
  • Carburetion type – Fuel injected
  • Fuel type – Gas
  • Horsepower – 60 HP


  • Transmission type – Continuously Variable (CVT)
  • Reverse – Yes
  • Hi / Low Range – Yes


  • Front tires – 27 X 9-14
  • Rear tires – 27 X 11-14


  • Front brakes- Hydraulic disc
  • Rear brakes – Hydraulic disc


  • Weight – 1678 lbs.
  • Fuel capacity – 6 gal.
  • owing capacity – 2200 lbs.
  • Number of seats – 5 (4 door)

While Odes 800 will enable you to tackle any task you intend to undertake, it may have some minor issues, which you should be aware of. In the next section, we’ll explore some of the common problems you are likely to encounter with this UTV.

Odes 800 Dominator Problems

Odes 800 Dominator Problems

1. Odes 800 Dominator starting problems

Starting issues are by far the most common problems experienced by Odes Dominator users. We all know the disappointment that comes with turning the ignition key but your machine struggle or fails to start at all. If you have attempted to ignite your vehicle, but the engine is not firing, there are a few issues you can look out for before you decide to call off your trip.

One of the probable reasons why your vehicle is not starting is because of a faulty starter solenoid. If the solenoid is blown or disconnected, it is not unusual for the UTV to have trouble igniting. Other culprits include cold weather, low battery power, contaminated fuel, clogged air filter, worn-out drive belt, etc.


To troubleshoot starting issues, the first thing you’ll need to do is to inspect the starter solenoid. Fortunately, solenoid starter problems are some of the easiest to fix, plus you can easily replace it if necessary.

If you live in areas that experience extreme winter temperatures, consider storing your Dominator in a warmer place to avoid starting issues next time you want to ride it. Also, make sure the spark plug and air filter are in good working condition to keep the engine running at its best at all times. And finally, always ensure your battery is fully charged to ensure that the vehicle is ready to go when needed.

2. Odes Dominator 800 shifting problems

Another alarming problem with the Odes 800 Dominator is gear shifting issues. In fact, a good number of Odes owners have claimed that they have spent a fortune to repair a range of shifting issues. Generally, any shifting issue can be quite dangerous, especially if it occurs while the machine is in motion.

For instance, Odes 800 Dominator gears may fail to engage as required, which might cause the vehicle to stop or slow down abruptly. Another reported case is the inability to change gears once you have started the engine. Now to solve most of these shifting issues, it is recommended to first identify the root cause by narrowing down the probable causes of your specific shifting issue.


Using incorrect transmission fluid or low fluid level is one of the main reasons why your vehicle may experience shifting problems. So, if your Odes 800 Dominator is shifting poorly or slowly, you can try to fix the issue by replacing the transmission fluid.

You may also want to check the level of the fluid and refill if needed. Equally importantly, it is paramount you service your vehicle and get an experienced mechanic who understands transmission systems to examine your vehicle.

3. Overheating

It can get quite scary to see smoke coming from the engine compartment as you’re out riding. Engine overheating is a common occurrence, especially during summer, and it can cause permanent damage if you do not take the right precautions.

There are several reasons that can make Odes 800 overheat every once in a while. Common culprits include leaks in the cooling system, a clogged air filter, radiator issues, etc. If one of these components is worn out or compromised, the engine will eventually overheat or even cause damage.


An overheated engine can cause a lot of damage as well as ruin your rides. Generally, regular inspections will help keep the engine in check and prevent overheating issues in the long run. If you are out riding your UTV and it starts to overheat, do not attempt to move further.

Pull over immediately and turn off the vehicle to prevent causing further damage. Once your machine has cooled down completely, you can try to diagnose the root cause by assessing the affected engine parts. However, the best thing is to call for assistance or tow your vehicle to the nearest auto shop.

4. Noisy Brakes

If you are not a fan of noisy machines, the last thing you want is annoying squeaking brakes, whether you are out on a hunting adventure or just taking a ride. As your UTV gets older, the brakes tend to be a little noisier. In addition, the brakes can squeak when you apply too much pressure or when the brake system is faced with too much resistance.

As the squeaking noise progresses to an annoyance, it might cause other issues and damage other parts, which could result in more severe mechanical problems. As such, it is critical to keep those squeaks in check to make your machine as quiet as possible and to avoid a breakdown on the trails.


Check the user manual for specific instructions on how you can tighten and adjust the brakes to minimize the noise. When your brakes start to produce squeaking noise, it often means that they require to be lubricated. In that case, oiling the brakes should help solve the problem on the spot.

5. Engine stalling

Engine stalling or dropping from time to time is also listed as one of the common Odes 800 Dominator problems. Owners of this machine often complain that the engine doesn’t work well sometimes and it tends to stall even without a warning.

Although it is a rare problem, it can occur frequently or when you least expect it. This problem can be caused by several reasons, including insufficient gas, a faulty battery, wiring issues, a malfunctioning fuel tank, and sometime when fuel is unable to hold enough pressure.


To fix stalling problems, you can start by scanning the engine using a motor scanner to diagnose the constant stops. In most cases, you’ll need to replace the ECU and other defective engine components to help fix the problem permanently. You may also need to take your time to inspect for defective wiring, as it can sometimes cause the engine to stall.

Odes 800 Dominator Reviews

Based on the above discussions, it is easy to see that Odes 800Dominator comes with its own set of drawbacks that are worth considering before you purchase one. This begs the question, are Odes UTVs any good?

Most current and former owners of Odes UTVs affirm that this brand is ideal for experienced riders and novices alike. The Odes 800 Dominator, in particular is the best bet for anyone looking for a high-end utility vehicle that is also reasonably priced.

We also discovered that most Odes Dominator customers are satisfied with their choice and believe that it provides value for money. A good number of users also affirmed how well Odes’ engine works, making this UTV a better deal at an affordable price.

New owners like how easy the UTV is easy to ride, especially on narrow trails and other tight spaces. And when you take into account the comfort level, it is easy to see why this Odes UTV is one of the best utility vehicles ever made.


Odes UTVs provide the highest level of quality, but this doesn’t imply that they do not have some limits. Odes 800 Dominator can develop some issues along the way, but luckily most of these problems are pretty manageable. That said, this UTV ticks most of the boxes for typical users from all walks of life and gets top marks from professionals and experts alike.

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