Big Gun ECO vs EVO — An Easy-to-Digest Review

The exhaust system is an integral part of any vehicle that runs on an internal combustion engine. A typical vehicle exhaust system consists of several parts, including the muffler, oxygen sensor, catalytic converter, gaskets, resonator, etc. After tires, the exhaust system is perhaps one of the most sought-after accessories by off-roaders.

This critical system regulates the engine performance, so it must be kept in tip-top condition at all times. Furthermore, adding an aftermarket exhaust system helps to increase horsepower while making your machine sound really awesome. Because of this, most ATV and utility vehicle owners spend a lot of time searching for the best exhaust system for their machines.

Big Gun is a well-known brand for exhaust systems for ATVs and just about any performance or sport utility machine. Their exhaust systems use a sophisticated airflow mechanism that helps to improve engine power and enhance your vehicle performance. The company manufactures plenty of models, from small options to big and more powerful models.

Big Gun Exhaust History

Big Gun began its journey of making high-quality and fairly priced exhaust systems in the late 90s. Since then, the company has been manufacturing both full-system and slip-on exhaust systems for ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, and sports bikes among others.

In addition, the company not only makes new exhausts but also refurbishes old or broken exhausts, particularly when you can afford a new one. In this article, we’ll help you decide which model between Big Gun ECO vs EVO is best for your riding style needs. Let’s dive in and see how the two models differ and how they each benefit you.

Overview of Big Gun ECO

The Big Gun ECO is one of the most popular aftermarket exhaust systems for select sport, recreation, and utility vehicles. The ECO series come in a slip-on design which is not only easy to install but also uses quality components.

Big Gun ECO exhaust systems were designed with power, sound, and performance in mind. The series is also a perfect definition of craftsmanship at its best, and it delivers top performance without hurting your pockets.

Furthermore, an ECO exhaust delivers more power and torque over most stock systems, plus it has the signature sound of Big Gun exhausts. These qualities make the Big Gun ECO the best choice for those looking for a combination of performance and style, but are on a budget.

Big Gun ECO highlights

  • ECO exhausts deliver an increase of up to 3-5 horsepower on most machines
  • The Big Gun ECO systems come with a 6061 premium Aluminum muffler mated to a TIG welded 0.049″ stainless steel pipe. Additionally, the exhausts are equipped with a steel muffler tip with a black satin finish.
  • Their design also includes a stainless steel strap that mounts the muffler to the sub-frame
  • The stainless steel end cap construction gives the exhaust a distant look
  • The ECO systems are fitted with an USFS-approved arrestor screen, meaning they are approved by the US Forest Service for use in most states
  • ECO exhausts are available in slip-on design only

Advantages of Big Gun ECO exhausts

  • Economically priced systems
  • Enhances both power and torque
  • The ECO series exhausts help reduce noise by up to 6 dB
  • Effortless installation- you can install your slip-on exhaust without having to alter your air-fuel mixture


  • The slip-on design does not shed significant weight from your ATV, but it is still a worthy upgrade
  • Compared with EVO exhausts, horsepower performance is still on the lower side

Overview of Big Gun EVO

The Big Gun EVO is yet another popular exhaust system manufactured by Big Gun. Much like its ECO counterpart, most EVO series exhausts come in a slip-on design, but the series also offers several full exhaust system replacements. EVO is characterized by a noticeable performance increase and upon installing your exhaust; you will immediately notice a change in your engine tone.

The construction of the Big Gun EVO series is much lighter than the competition. This design provides your ATV with the best racing performance possible. That’s not all. Compared to stock exhausts, the EVO delivers maximum horsepower to allow you to take on just about any terrain. Furthermore, EVO exhausts are not only sleek, but they also allow you to maximize the value of your machine.

Big Gun EVO highlights

  • The professional tuning applied on EVO models allows your system to deliver up to 4-8 extra horsepower.
  • The Big Gun EVO includes a 6061 high-grade aluminum muffler coated with a stylish black finish. This design allows the exhaust to shed considerable pounds over stock systems.
  • EVO mufflers come in a sleek design to compliment your machine’s look and enhance the clearance of your brake system.
  • The design of EVO exhausts includes a stainless steel pipe reinforced with high-quality brackets. In addition, the pipe is TIG welded to enhance the durability of your exhaust system.
  • The removable arrestor screen comes with USFS certification, meaning the exhaust is legal, and there is no risk of starting a fire on the trail.
  • Available in both slip-on and complete exhaust systems

Advantages of Big Gun EVO Exhausts

  • Considerably lighter than the stock system
  • The full exhaust version allows you to update everything, including the mid-pipe
  • Meets the recommended ( sound 94 – 96dB)requirements
  • Significant horsepower gains, but this will come extra hundred bucks
  • Full systems provide a complete overhaul which translates to an awesome look
  • In addition, full exhaust versions reduces unnecessary weight from your machine- weight saving is more substantial when compared to their ECO counterparts


  • Relatively expensive- the full exhausts systems come with a higher price tag
  • More complex in terms of installation- consider hiring a professional mechanic to do the installation for you
Big Gun ECO vs EVO

Big Gun EVO vs ECO- The Verdict

The primary mission of Big Gun exhaust is to provide off-roaders with tractable horsepower and a bit of weight reduction when it comes to the exhaust system. Both the ECO and EVO series are created to fit just about any machine while allowing users to optimize horsepower and manage the sound output.

So, should you go for an ECO or EVO exhaust system? Well, we’d say it depends on your machine’s needs and the exhaust style you prefer. Furthermore, learning the difference between the two will prepare you on what to expect and understand how each system will affect your machine.

For instance, if you’re strictly looking for a slip-on exhaust system, the Big Gun ECO series is your best bet. Although their performance level is somewhat average, they will give you the power you need without breaking the bank. Additionally, ECO exhausts help boost your machine’s horsepower without the added hassle of having to replace the entire system.

On the other hand, if you’re after significant power gains, consider going with the EVO series. Although full exhaust versions come at a price, they provide a great way to take your ATV or utility vehicle to the next level. An EVO exhaust not only improves how your ATV looks but also significantly changes how your rides feel.

Parting Shot!

The exhaust systems play a critical role in the overall performance of your vehicle. Without a quality exhaust system, your ATV or utility vehicle will not deliver that much-needed extra power. That said, there are plenty of reasons why you should get a Big Gun exhaust system for your machine.

Both the ECO and EVO series are designed to not only make your machine more noticeable on the trail but also change how your ride feels. They also improve the performance of your machine while allowing you to stay within the approved sound limits. In addition, both exhaust series allows you to customize your system to meet your needs.

So, which model between the two Big Gun workhorses do you have your eyes on? Please let’s know in the comment section below!

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