Honda 300EX Review –A Complete Analysis of Features and Specs

Honda is a trusted name in the ATV market and has remained on top of the game ever since it launched its first all-terrain vehicle. Honda quads are reliable, and they have attracted off roaders from all walks of life. Moreover, the ATVs are designed to handle tough terrains with ease, and they continue to run even with repeated abuse. This brand is frequently compared with Polaris and other top American manufacturers.

Honda 300EX is one of the most reliable ATVs on the market, with many off road enthusiasts using it for decades. The 300EX stands from the crowd in terms of performance, and has since ruled the four-wheel ATV market. In this article, we’ll talk about the history of the 300EX, and the reasons why it is one of the most popular models in terms of performance, comfort, ease of maintenance, and more.

Honda 300EX Review

History of Honda 300EX

As we have mentioned, Honda ATVs, and in particular, the TRX series are designed to take a beating while allowing off road enthusiasts to cruise through rugged off road trails. Honda launched the first TRX 300EX model in 1993 to replace the then-powerful and successful TRX250X sport ATV.

With the added advantage of electric starting and an extra 36cc of displacement from its predecessor, the 300EX is considered as one of the most dependable ATVs ever manufactured. However, after the 2009 model, the TRX 300EX was replaced by TRX 300X (2009-2021), but the features and specifications remained the same.

Nevertheless, TRX 300EX checks all the boxes of modern ATV models, and its engine can run all day long without any sign of a breakdown. And since it has been in the market for decades it is easy to find a second-hand model, both the old model and the newer TRX 300X model.

Honda 300EX Review

Honda 300EX Specs (2005 Model)

Engine specifications

  • Displacement- 282cc
  • Engine type- single cylinder
  • Stroke – 4
  • Cooling- air cooled
  • Carburetor- Piston-valve
  • Starter- electric
  • Configuration- SOHC


  • Type- Manual
  • Number of speeds – 5
  • Primary drive – chain

Chassis specifications

  • Front suspension/travel- Independent double-wishbone/6.7 inches
  • Rear suspension/travel- Single shock swingarm/7.9 inches


  • Front brake – dual hydraulic disc
  • Rear brake – single hydraulic disc


  • Length – 67.7 inches
  • Width – 43.5 inches
  • Height- 41.8 inches
  • Wheelbase – 45 inches
  • Ground clearance – 4.6 inches
  • Seat height – 30.5 inches

Other specifications

  • Turning radius – 10.2 ft.
  • Curb weight – 390 lbs.
  • Front tires – Ohtsu 22 X 7-10
  • Rear tires – Ohtsu 22 X 10-9
  • Fuel capacity – 2.2 gal.

Features and Benefits of Honda 300EX

Best-in-class engine

The Honda 300EX is among the first ATVs to use the specially engineered SOHC single-cylinder air-cooled engine. The engine comes in a 4-stroke design to ensure efficient conversion of fuel into mechanical energy. Furthermore, this design offers you a wide range of power for all your plowing or climbing needs.

Swift ignition

The Honda 300EX uses an electronic ignition system which is not only easy to operate but also fuel efficient. Furthermore, the included CD ignition acts as a pulse transfer which helps your quad to start within no time. Apart from swift ignition, the electronic system provides better performance overall compared to conventional ignition systems.

Excellent brakes

Honda 300EX brakes are easy to manipulate, and they provide excellent performance from the beginning to the end. With a dual hydraulic front brake and single hydraulic rear brake, the 300EX is safe to ride under tough off-road conditions. What’s more, the brakes are extremely reliable and easy to maintain.

Enhanced comfort

Another great feature of the Honda 300EX is its outstanding comfort. The seat is pretty low to accommodate riders with varying needs. Furthermore, its ergonomic design provides a comfortable experience while making the ATV fun to ride.

Convenient reverse gear

Features like reverse gear and a dual clutch help to provide the rider with incredible control. You can access the reverse gear using the red lever to allow you to reverse and maneuver around easily.

Heavy-duty tires

The 300EX tires come in a heavy-duty construction to provide a good grip and long service life. They also include numerous modern features to offer the best performance on the roughest terrains and mud/gravel intense surfaces.

Honda 300EX Top Speed

Apart from the cost and the features that set this ATV apart, one of the most frequently asked questions by off roaders is how fast does a Honda 300EX go? Ideally, everyone looks forward to getting to their destination the soonest time possible even when venturing into off road trails.

On average, the TRX 300EX is designed to reach a top speed of 50mph. However, this speed may vary depending on the condition of the trails and other factors, including the weather conditions, overall weight, and level of maintenance.

However, it is important to emphasize that if your primary focus is all about pure speed and don’t prioritize other features, then the 300EX may not be the right choice for you. But if you’re after an all-around quad that can tow, haul and cruise through mud and water effortlessly, then you should definitely consider TRX 300EX.

Despite its power, the 300EX requires regular maintenance and timely servicing to increase its performance and consequently its top speed. Here are a few tips you can follow to effectively increase the top speed of Honda 300ex;

Replace the spark plugs

One of the things you can do to increase the speed of your quad is to replace the spark plugs with a new set. Faulty spark plugs can take a toll on your engine, so it is always a good idea to inspect them regularly and get a replacement whenever needed.

Upgrade the air filters

To deliver more power, your engine needs to get sufficient airflow. This is where air filters come in to help provide more air to the engine and enhance its performance. Furthermore, upgrading the air filter will not only help to keep the engine in good working condition but also increase Honda 300EX horsepower.

Get high-quality fuel

It is a no-brainer that using high-quality fuel comes with many benefits. First off, it reduces damage to your fuel system, increases your mileage, and keeps the engine in tip-top shape. Secondly, low-quality fuel not only clogs your engine but also compromises the ability to reach top speed. So if you’ve been using low-quality fuel, consider replacing it with high-quality one to reap the benefits.

Reduce the weight of your machine

Another way you can effectively improve the speed of your 300EX is by modifying its weight. The easiest way you can achieve this is by replacing the exhaust system. Most aftermarket exhausts are designed to significantly reduce overall weight, which helps increase your machine’s efficiency.

You should also consider replacing other heavy parts, including the wheels, tires, and other components that may be weighing your machine down. Ideally, this is an effective way of minimizing drag and enhancing your top speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Honda TRX 300EX street legal?

No. The Honda TRX 300EX is not street legal in most states and municipalities. Generally, the 300EX is an off road machine, which implies it is not ideal for riding on a highway. In addition, the TRX 300EX is medium size ATV and the manufacturer does not recommend kids under the age of 16 to ride this machine.

Q: Does Honda still make the 300EX?

As we mentioned earlier, Honda discontinued the production of 300EX in 2009. The model was replaced with the TRX 300X, but the specs, including the engine remained the same. Like its predecessor, the 300X is a considerably lightweight workhorse that gets the job done.

Final Thoughts

Honda has always been consistent in terms of quality, making it the number-one brand for ATVs and other off road vehicles. The 300EX was a big invention in the realm of all-terrain vehicles, and its model lineup offers something for every purpose, budget, and taste. In addition, the 300EX is designed to last, thanks to its premium and reliable components that require less maintenance during their service life.

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