Polaris Ranger 570 Review – Everything You Need to Know

Many off-the-road enthusiasts love the Polaris Ranger 570 because of its versatility, comfort, and rugged capacities. But how can you tell if the machine is the right fit for your needs?

In this Polaris Ranger 570 review, I will highlight the vehicle’s key features, performance, and specifications. What more?

I will also discuss the common problems associated with the machine and how to troubleshoot them.

Let’s get started!

Polaris Ranger 570 Review

Polaris Ranger 570 Features

Here are the 10 top features of the machine:

Swift Transmission

The Polaris Ranger 570 boasts an automatic Polaris Variable Transmission (PVT) system that allows users to switch gears easily. So, you can effortlessly move from neutral to reverse or park mode in seconds. This easy-to-use transmission enhances the overall riding experience and makes it easy for the machine to navigate different terrains.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD)

Another selling point of the Polaris Ranger 570 is its on-demand true All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system. This feature lets you easily switch from the primary two-wheel system to four wheels for better traction in difficult terrains.

What more?

This intelligent AWD system can detect when additional traction is necessary and immediately activates the front wheels to provide better control and stability. But, you can switch the AWD system off and on, choosing when to use only two wheels for better fuel efficiency or engage its four wheels for more traction.

Comfortable Seating and Ergonomics

The Polaris Ranger 570 was designed with rider comfort in mind. It can hold two passengers simultaneously, with enough room for both. The driver’s seat is adjustable, for you to enjoy comfort and suffer less fatigue during long rides.

This ergonomic seating arrangement also favors the passenger with just as much room to enjoy the ride without discomfort. With the controls’ position, you can easily reach for vital functions without removing your attention from the trail.

Dual Suspension Feature

This Polaris Ranger 570 has an A-arm front and an Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) system. Together, they guarantee a smooth and stable ride, even on rough terrains.

With the front suspension alone, you can get about 8.0 inches of travel, while the IRS system promises 9.0 inches. This unique setup effectively absorbs any shock or bumps, enabling the machine to deliver a comfortable experience for the driver and passenger at all times.

So, even if you have to drive through mud, rough landscapes, or rocky trails, the Polaris Ranger 570 has you covered.

Amazing Haulage Capacity

Another standout feature of this utility terrain vehicle is its versatile dump box, featuring an impressive 500 lb (approximately 227 kg) capacity. It also has a payload capacity of around 1000 pounds and can tow equipment of us to 1500 pounds or about 680kg.

Overall, this Ranger 570 is effective for all forms of haulage, whether carrying tools, transporting a heavy harvest, or towing trailers. Plus, you get to finish tasks faster and on shorter trips.

Generous Ground Clearance

When looking for a suitable off-the-road vehicle, most people lean towards one with suitable ground clearance, and the Polaris Ranger 570 fits the script. With its generous ground clearance of 25.4cm (or 10 inches), this machine can handle any obstacle and roll through difficult terrains. This ground clearance allows it to maneuver the most rugged spaces while protecting the undercarriage, especially during off-the-road adventures.

Sizeable Fuel Tank Capacity Fit for Adventures

The Ranger 570 can hold around 9.5 gallons of fuel in its sizeable fuel tank. With it, you can go on long rides without stopping to refuel at frequent intervals. This impressive fuel capacity is one of the many reasons why farmers buy this machine for long work shifts.


Most people are always curious about the speed performance of the Polaris Ranger 570. For starters, the vehicle is equipped with a highly responsive and efficient 567cc ProStar® engine. This engine supplies great power for tasks ranging from work to recreational activities. On average, the Ranger 570 boasts a top speed of approximately 50 mph (80 km/h) with this engine.

The speed is perfect for most uses, whether navigating rough terrains or an exciting ride on the trails. Furthermore, the Polaris Ranger 570’s acceleration is swift, smooth, and consistent, helping the driver reach incredible speeds fast.

Low Fuel Usage

Another outstanding feature of Ranger 570 is its low fuel usage. You can think of the machine as one designed to balance power and efficiency comfortably. The ProStar 570 engine in the vehicle is behind this feat.

The engine allows users to enjoy the vehicle for long rides, ensuring each fuel refill lasts. Whether you are working with the vehicle on farmland or having a leisure ride, the Ranger 570’s fuel consumption remains competitive amongst its siblings in the UTV family.

Another reason for the machine’s low fuel usage is that it is fabricated mainly with lightweight components. This makeup reduces the load on the engine, enhancing fuel saving.

Most owners of the Polaris Ranger 570 reported that the fuel durability of their vehicles is impressive. The figures generated from a consensus is an average of 20-25 miles per gallon (8.5-10.6 km/l) under normal operating conditions.

While this is average, the manner of driving, terrain, load, and usage will also influence how much fuel is used.

The Day Maker

The innovative lighting system called the ‘Day Maker’ is another important feature of the Ranger 570. This feature is designed to provide bright illumination during low-light conditions, increasing visibility and safety for users.

The Day Maker is made up of a powerful LED lighting setup positioned on the front bumper. This lighting system emits an intense, straight-focused blanket of light, mimicking the brightness of daylight. This creates a clear and well-defined path ahead, allowing drivers to navigate challenging terrains and dark areas easily.

The LED lights used in the Day Maker feature are famous for their efficiency and durability. They consume less power than regular halogen bulbs, making them energy-efficient and preserving the vehicle’s battery life during prolonged use.

Day maker lights are user-friendly. They are easily controlled via a simple switch on the vehicle’s dashboard or control panel. This convenient feature lets users switch the lights on or off as needed, providing a great driving experience.

Polaris Ranger 570 Specs

The Polaris Ranger 570 specifications are as follows:

  • Engine: ProStar 570, 4-Stroke Single Cylinder, DOHC
  • Displacement: 567 ccs
  • Horsepower: 44 HP
  • Transmission: Automatic PVT P/R/N/L/H
  • Drive System: On-Demand True AWD/2WD/VersaTrac Turf Mode
  • Front Suspension: Dual A-Arm, 9 inches (22.9 cm) travel
  • Rear Suspension: Dual A-Arm, 10 inches (25.4 cm) travel
  • Ground Clearance: 10 inches (25.4 cm)
  • Wheelbase: 73 inches (185.4 cm)
  • Overall Length: 113 inches (287 cm)
  • Overall Width: 58 inches (147.3 cm)
  • Overall Height: 73 inches (185.4 cm)
  • Dry Weight: 1,078 lbs (488.8 kg)
  • Payload Capacity: 1,500 lbs (680 kg)
  • Cargo Box Capacity: 500 lbs (226.8 kg)
  • Fuel Capacity: 9 gallons (34.1 liters)
  • Front Tires: 25 x 8-12; 489
  • Rear Tires: 25 x 10-12; 489
  • Brakes: 4-wheel hydraulic disc including dual-bore front calipers
  • Seat Capacity: 3
  • Instrumentation: Digital gauge, speedometer, odometer, tachometer, trip meter, coolant temperature, hour meter, gear indicator, fuel gauge, AWD indicator, volt meter, Hi-temp light, and a Clock.

Common Polaris Ranger 570 Problems

Like any other vehicle, Polaris Ranger 570 UTVs have some problems. After constant use, you may encounter any of the issues. Below are some of the problems and how to troubleshoot them:

Fuel Pump Issues

Sometimes, the fuel pump in your Polaris Ranger 570 may clog up or stop working. When this happens, this can affect your vehicle’s performance or stop it from working altogether. But with good maintenance, the chances of this happening are reduced.


One way to avoid fuel pump issues is to use clean fuel and never run the engine on low power. If the system is clogged already, remove the debris using any fuel system cleaner.

Should everything else fails, or the issues persist, you may need to seek help from a trained mechanic or an authorized Polaris service center. These experts can inspect your vehicle, diagnose the problem, and repair, where necessary.

Starting Problems

Many factors can cause your Polaris Ranger 570 to have starting problems. These include a weak engine, fuel system problems, or faulty ignition. With all these issues present, starting your vehicle as normal may be difficult.


Inspect your Polaris Ranger 570 battery to see if it is weak or needs a charge or replacement. Another thing you can do is to check the spark plugs, ignition, and fuel filter for clear signs of damage.

If any of these components look damaged, replace them immediately. Also, if your fuel filter is clogged, clean or change it to allow a better fuel flow to your vehicle’s engine.

Overall, to prevent starting problems, make sure you are following the proper procedure in the user’s manual for starting your Polaris Ranger 570. If all these check out and the problem persists, you may have to take your vehicle in for a proper assessment.

Electrical Issues

Electrical problems in the Ranger 570 may vary from flickering lights and malfunctioning gauges to periodic power loss. In most cases, these issues are caused by cable disconnections. Please note that unless you are good with your hands, it is better to seek the help of a professional to fix this issue.


  • Inspect the vehicle’s wiring and connections to ensure no disconnections.
  • Look for loose or cut wires, and ensure all electrical components are properly grounded.
  • If unable to identify the issue, seek assistance from an experienced mechanic or contact the Polaris service center.


The Polaris Ranger 570 sometimes experiences overheating, mainly during long-period use or when moving in hot weather conditions. Besides these factors, overheating can also be caused by a malfunctioning cooling system, low coolant levels, or a blocked radiator.


Clean the radiator and check for any blockages that may restrict airflow. Examine the coolant levels and top off the fluid if necessary.

Throttle Sticking

Some owners have noted and reported problems with the throttle getting stuck, which can lead to losing control of the vehicle’s speed. Common causes of throttle sticking include poor lubrication and cable obstruction.


Clean and lubricate the throttle section. Next, examine the throttle cable and ensure it moves freely without obstruction. If the issue persists, seek assistance from an expert mechanic to get a diagnosis and solve the problem.


The Polaris Ranger 570 is a true workhorse, exceeding expectations in all rounds. Its versatility and comfort have earned it a position as a strong contender in the world of UTVs. Despite the problems noted, the general opinion has been a positive one. Whether as a work tool or an adventure off-road vehicle, the utility vehicle is one machine with high capabilities.

So, whether you are a farmer looking for a reliable utility vehicle or an adventurer needing a suitable vehicle for your adventures, the Polaris Ranger 570 is one to explore.

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