Polaris Ranger 570 Top Speed – Everything You Need to Know

If you own Polaris Ranger 570, you may have always wanted to know how fast it can go. But sadly, very few forums have dealt with this issue properly. In this article, I’ll answer several frequently asked questions about the Polaris Ranger 570 top speed and share tips to help you get the best out of this UTV.

How Fast Does a Polaris Ranger 570 Go?

The Polaris Ranger 570 has a top speed of 44 mph, which is actually good enough to serve its purpose-designed functions. Like most of its siblings in the Polaris Ranger UTV family, the 570 is designed for use around the house and in farm environments. As such, the 44 mph speed limit is just good enough for ranching, wood towing, hunting, or any other farming or around-the-house work you may need the utility vehicle for.

However, if you are a speed enthusiast you can still increase the speed limit with some tweaks.

Polaris Ranger 570 Top Speed

How Much Power Does a Polaris Ranger 570 Have?

The Polaris Ranger 570 engine is built with a power rating of 44 HP and fairly good low-end torque. To bring it home, a 44 HP powered machine can haul up to 680kg of load without any performance issues. So, regardless of what farming or around-the-house task you use your machine for, the in-built hauling power is adequate enough to deliver excellent performance.

How to Improve the Polaris Ranger 570 Top Speed

Below, we consider three ways you can safely increase the speed limit of your UTV from the follow-come 44 mph to about 50 – 52 mph:

Bypass the Speed Limiter

If you want more speed from your machine, you can consider bypassing this electronic configuration. The speed limiter is a programmed system in the electronic control unit that restricts machines from going beyond a particular speed level while in motion.

So, how do you bypass the speed limiter?

There are two options. The first way is to flash or tune your machine ECU. This process will reconfigure the ECU and in the process enable higher speed levels. Besides getting your machine to ride faster, ECU tuning will also offer the following benefits to your machine:

  • Improve throttle response
  • Increase the revolution per minute levels
  • Reconfigure the radiator fan for better temperature control
  • Increase overall horsepower

Once done properly, an ECU tuning can increase the power productivity of your UTV engine by 10 to 20 HP.

Clutch System Upgrade

Generally, an ECU tuning or flashing alone can only do so much as regards increasing the speed of utility machines. For best results, you will need to upgrade your clutch system also.

Like any other Polaris Ranger machine, this UTV is prone to developing clutch problems. These issues include delayed throttle response, low-speed limits, and shifting difficulties.

The major reason behind this is that UTV engines are less powerful than those in the ATV family. And the lower the engine power rating, the more strain is imposed on the clutch. Because of this, clutch components in your machine will naturally wear more quickly. But with a clutch system upgrade, you can get past these issues and improve the overall performance of your machine.

A clutch upgrade involves the replacement of clutch components with aftermarket parts. Generally, follow-come components cannot handle the torque produced in the UTV effectively. Usually, this would include the flywheel, clutch plate, clutch cover, and other parts. The upgrade process is technical, so it is best for a professional to handle it.

Air Intake Upgrade

Another efficient measure you can undertake to increase the top speed of your Polaris Ranger 570 is upgrading the air intake system. You can think of the air intake system of your Polaris Ranger 570 as the human respiratory system that facilitates gas exchange in the human body. The healthier the system, the more efficient the body is.

Similarly, the more air exchanged within the engine, the more hauling power the engine will generate. In return, enhanced haulage power will enhance the machine’s overall performance. Once this is said and done, you will be able to enjoy higher-speed riding on your utility vehicle.

Exhaust Upgrade

For better results, you will need to upgrade the exhaust also. An exhaust upgrade will mean that air can exit the engine effectively. This would require you to replace parts with suitable aftermarket types. Parts to replace include the exhaust manifold/header, catalytic converter, muffler, resonator, and other parts.

How Many Miles Can I Get Out of Polaris Ranger 570?

There are no direct answers to this question. How long your machine will last before noticing signs of damage will depend on how you handle it. But on an average basis, you can expect to get up to 7,000 miles from your Polaris Ranger 570 without the need to fix anything.

However, if you starve your machine of proper maintenance, ride often on rough terrains, and push it to its limits too frequently, you definitely will not haul up to 7,000 miles before something breaks.

But with proper care and maintenance, your vehicle can last up to 10,000 miles before needing major repairs and part replacements. Besides routine maintenance, other tips that can help you get more mileage out of your Polaris Ranger 570 include:

Mind How Often You Use the Machine

Yes, the Polaris Ranger 570 is tough and can help with many farming and hunting activities – but that is not good enough a reason to abuse it. As with other UTVs in the Polaris family, the more intensely you use the machine, the quicker the parts will develop wear.

You will likely get more from the machine if you can limit the usage to occasional wood towing, around-the-house tours, and weekend off-road adventures.

Avoid Overloading

You can use your machine to tow wood on the farm, move loved ones around your properties, or carry passengers – however, don’t get into an overuse. Check the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit and avoid exceeding it. While exceeding weight limits may not cause immediate issues, you can be sure something will soon go wrong with the engine. The healthier your UTV engine, the more miles you can expect to haul before making any major repair or replacement.

So, if you want more mileage from your Polaris Ranger 570, this is not something to ignore.

Don’t Ride On Rough Terrains

Finally, you need to mind the kind of terrain on which you drive your machine. Undoubtedly, the Polaris Ranger 570 is tough and will haul well off-road. However, bear in mind that rough paths put more strain on the engine and other parts than tarred and paved roads.

Because of this, it is recommended to keep most of your rides to smooth paths.


If you had any questions about how fast Polaris Ranger 570 UTVs go, we hope the guide above have cleared up the air. The machine’s top speed is 44 mph, but you can bypass this limit through the outlined methods. Please remember that your machine’s overall performance, including how fast it runs, will largely depend on how you use and maintain it. To keep your machine at its best, you will need to mind the frequency of its usage, the terrain you ride it, and other issues discussed in the guide.

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