Tracker 600 ATV Review (With Features and Common Problems)

The Tracker 600 ATV is designed to operate on a variety of terrain, including mud, sand, rocks, and steep inclines. The vehicle is equipped with a range of safety features that help keep the driver and passengers safe while operating the ATV.

One of the key features of the Tracker 600 ATV is its powerful liquid-cooled 4-stroke 600cc engine, which provides impressive power and torque. This makes it ideal for hauling heavy loads or pulling equipment. Whether you’re using it for work or play, the Tracker 600 ATV is known to stand the test of time.

However, it can also be dangerous if not used correctly. Let’s explore what this vehicle is capable of delivering, including a list of its specs, features, and common problems encountered.

Tracker 600 ATV Review

Tracker 600 ATV Specs

EngineType- Single cylinder gas engine
Displacement- 600cc
Cooling- Liquid
Fuel System- EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
DrivetrainDrive system- Electric 2WD / 4WD Actuation
Transmission- Automatic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)
Gear selection- H, L, N, R, P
Front differential- 2/4WD differential
Rear differential- Rear Transaxle
SuspensionFront suspension- Double A-Arm with 9 in travel
Rear suspension- Double A-Arm with 9 in travel
BrakesBrake type- Single lever front, all wheel hydraulic disc
Foot brake- hydraulic rear
Parking brake- park in transmission
TiresFront tires- 25 x 8.00 – 12
Rear tires- 25 x 10.00 – 12
DimensionsL x W x H- 86.1 x 47.8 x 50.1 inches
Wheelbase- 52 inches
Fuel capacity- 5.7 gal.
Overall weight- 748 lbs.
Ground clearance- 11.5 inches
Towing capacity- 1050 lbs.
Front rack- 100 lbs.
Rear rack- 200 lbs.

The Tracker 600 ATV is known for its versatility and durability, making it a popular choice for outdoor enthusiasts and work applications. Here are some of the features and benefits that make the Tracker 600 ATV stand out;

Power and capability

The Tracker ATV 600 is designed to deliver excellent off-road performance with its powerful engine, which is built to handle rough terrain with ease. The 600cc engine provides plenty of power for hauling heavy loads and tackling steep inclines.

It also includes automatic CVT transmission, which ensures smooth acceleration and excellent power delivery. And with a towing capacity of 1050 pounds and a total cargo capacity of 515 pounds, the Tracker 600 ATV is a highly capable off-road vehicle that can handle tough jobs and challenging terrains.


The Tracker 600 ATV is versatile and can be used for a variety of outdoor activities. It is suitable for hunting, farming, trail riding, and more. Furthermore, it includes a 2-inch receiver hitch and 11.5 ground clearance which is higher than many other ATVs in its class. This clearance allows for easy towing of loads while making it easy to navigate through rough terrains, such as rocks and tree stumps, with ease.

Maximum comfort

The front and rear suspension systems of the Tracker ATV 600 are designed to absorb shocks and bumps when driving on uneven terrain. Both the front and rear suspension consists of double A-arms with adjustable shocks that provide a smooth ride and excellent handling. It also comes with a comfortable interior, meaning it is designed for extended rides.


The Tracker 500 ATV is a highly durable off-road vehicle designed to withstand the rigors of demanding outdoor use. The Tracker 600 ATV features a High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steel frame, which is a type of steel that is engineered to have greater strength and durability than traditional steel.

This construction provides superior strength and durability, ensuring the vehicle can handle rough terrain and heavy loads without compromising its structural integrity. The use of HSLA steel also results in a lighter overall weight for the ATV, which can improve its handling and maneuverability.

That’s not all. The Tracker ATV 600 comes with 25-inch Maxxis tires that provide excellent traction and grip on a variety of surfaces. These tires are also designed to resist punctures and cuts, making them ideal for off-road driving.


The Tracker 600 comes with selectable 2WD/4WD modes that allow you to adjust the vehicle’s traction based on the terrain you’re driving on. This ensures you have the necessary traction to navigate over mud, sand, rocks, and other obstacles.

The construction also includes a full-length skid plate to protect the underside of the vehicle from damage during off-road riding. The full-length skid plate is especially useful for riders who frequently ride in rocky or rugged terrain, as it provides comprehensive protection to the vehicle.

Superior ergonomics

The Tracker 600 ATV is designed to provide a comfortable and ergonomic riding experience. This includes a spacious and comfortable seat which is designed to provide ample support for the rider during long rides.

Furthermore, the handlebars on the Tracker 600 ATV are adjustable, allowing riders to customize the height and position to suit their preferences. In addition, the controls on the Tracker 600 ATV are designed to be easy to reach and operate, including the throttle, brake, and gear shift.

Tracker 600 ATV Top Speed

This ATV is built for rough terrains, so its speed may not be as high as a regular on-road vehicle. According to Tracker 600 ATV reviews, this vehicle has a top speed of around 75 miles per hour while riding empty. However, it is important to note that the speed at which an ATV should go is determined by the rider’s judgment and experience, the terrain, and any local laws or regulations governing ATV use.

Tracker 600 ATV Common Problems

As we mentioned earlier, the Tracker 600 ATV is a reliable and durable vehicle, but it may encounter some issues over time. Here are some of the most common problems that you may experience with this ATV model;

Battery issues- Some users have reported that the battery may drain quickly or fail to hold a charge. This can be due to a faulty battery or a problem with the charging system. That said, always ensure the battery is fully charged and in good condition.

Transmission problems- This ATV is also prone to transmission issues, such as shifting problems, slipping, or grinding. Transmission problems can be caused by worn or damaged clutch plates or a faulty gear selector, among other mechanical issues.

The specific solution to fix transmission issues in this ATV will depend on the exact nature of the problem. In addition, repairing an ATV transmission can be complex and may require special tools and expertise, so it is best to consult a qualified mechanic.

Starter issues- The Tracker 600 ATV can experience issues that can prevent it from starting. In most cases, this can be due to a bad starter motor, a weak battery, or other electrical issues. For instance, if there is an issue with the ignition plug or the battery is weak, the ATV may not start. Depending on the nature of the problem it may be necessary to take the ATV to a professional mechanic for a proper diagnosis.

Fuel system problems- There are also some users that have reported issues with the ATV fuel system. This can be caused by several reasons, such as clogged fuel lines, a dirty carburetor, a malfunctioning fuel pump, or bad fuel.

In most cases, fuel system issues can make the engine run poorly or stall out. If you are not comfortable troubleshooting the fuel system on your on you own, it is always a good idea to take it to an auto shop for diagnosis and repair.

Brake Problems- Apart from fuel system problems, the Tracker 600 may encounter brake problems such as squeaking brakes, grinding, or a soft or spongy feel. The main culprit of brake issues is worn brake pads, but they can also be caused by other mechanical issues.

Addressing brake issues as soon as they appear on an ATV is essential for the safety, control, performance, and longevity of your ATV.

Tracker 600 ATV Recall

There was a recall of Tracker Off Road 600 and Arctic Cat Alterra announced by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) on July 28, 2022. According to the commission, the recall was issued due to a potential crash hazard due to failed fuse in the electrical system, which can cause sudden power loss.

The recall involved about 1,750 and an additional 550 units, which were sold in Canada. The CPSC advised consumers to stop using the ATV immediately and contact their local Tracker Off Road dealer to schedule a free repair. The repair involved replacing the fuse, which would be performed at no cost to the consumer.

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The Tracker 600 ATV is a fun and useful machine for off-road activities, but it is essential to understand the risks involved to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Proper maintenance is crucial to keep an ATV running safely and efficiently. So ensure to perform regular inspections and maintenance, including checking the tires, brakes, and fluid levels.

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