7 Most Common Tracker 800SX Problems and Their Solutions

The Tracker 800SX is one of the best side-by-side off-road machines that you’ll ever find. It is a capable and quiet workhorse suitable for both tedious work and leisure activities. The machine packs a considerable amount of power, which allows it to adapt to various activities and functions.

The Tracker 800SX is known to run smoothly on just about any terrain, including open fields, flat terrains, and country roads. In addition, this machine comes with outstanding features and versatility, making it one of the most reliable machines you’ll ever find. However, like any UTV and off-roader machine in general, the 800SX has some limitations and users a likely to experience a couple of problems more than often usual.

In this article, we’ll highlight the 7 most common 800SX problems and some of the troubleshooting tips you can do to get your machine up and running again. But first, here is a brief Tracker 800SX review, including key features that make this off-road vehicle worth your buck.

Tracker 800SX Specifications

Horsepower – 50 HP

Engine type – 812 cc liquid-cooled four-stroke engine

Transmission type – (CVT) Continuous Variable Transmission

Fuel capacity – 10 gallons

Wheelbase – 85 inches

Ground clearance – 12.5 inches

Seat height – 32 inches

Towing capacity – 2000 lbs.

Tires – 26×9.00-14(front tire)

26×11.00-14(rear tire)

Type of drive – 2WD/ 4WD with an electronic differential lock

The Tracker 800SX is undoubtedly a high-performance utility vehicle for off-roading as well as work-related activities. The 2022 model comes with updated features, including improved throttle response, better acceleration, and improved ground clearance. This helps to enhance the quality of your ride while ensuring that you enjoy the best of rides.

Other features that make the Tracker 800SX your go-to vehicle for leisure and work include;

  • An improved 50HP engine- this workhorse is equipped with a more powerful 50 HP engine making it suitable for just about any off-roading activity. The manufacturer has also updated this model with new shocks and springs to ensure a more stable and safer ride.
  • Improved towing capacity- With a towing capacity of up to 2000 lbs. this UTV is the best bet for all kinds of work. That’s not all. This machine offers sufficient cargo box capacity of up to 1000 lbs. (453.5kgs), meaning it can accommodate a wide range of applications.
  • Super-efficient exhaust system – Tracker’s exhaust system packs maximum power while allowing you to maneuver on all kinds of terrain with ease. The system is designed to operate at a 58 dB noise level for the best in class quiet operation.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame – This machine is designed with a rugged aluminum frame that helps to reduce vibration while providing you with a tough utility vehicle for off-roading and work. In addition, it offers up to 12.5 inches of ground clearance which helps to enhance your rides, especially when riding on tough terrains.
  • Comfortable seating area – 800SX comes with a comfortable seating area, (two benches) with the capacity of up to six passengers (three people per bench). The best part yet, you can remove the rear bench for convenience purposes or to create space for more cargo.
  • Outstanding braking power – The braking system is upped with four corner discs reinforced with dual-piston calipers to facilitate effortless braking. On top of this, the integrated electronic throttle system comes with an inbuilt governor to provide smooth acceleration.
  • Tons of accessories – Tracker 800SX comes with tons of accessories to improve your riding experience. The accessories include LED tail lights, halogen headlights, a digital gauge, a gear indicator, onboard diagnostics, a fuel gauge, etc.

Advantages of Tracker 800SX

  • Unrivaled capability and comfort
  • It also is equipped with a whisper-quiet motor
  • Enough room for everyone, and everything
  • Attractive frame
  • Lightweight construction yet quite sturdy
  • Includes a customizable speed controller for improved safety
  • The drive select switch allows the rider to switch between two-wheel(rear wheels) to four-wheel (all wheels) drive and vice versa

Disadvantages of Tracker 800SX

  • With a width of roughly 63 inches, it can be difficult to ride on tight trails
  • A couple of charging and utility problems (we’ll discuss this in detail later in the article)

Tracker 800SX top speed

On average, the Tracker 800SX can reach speeds of between 45 to 53mp. This speed range is more than enough for most off-road applications, plus it is way above most standard utility vehicles. However, the top speed of the 800SX may vary depending on several factors, including;

  • The power of the engine/transmission
  • The physical nature of the terrain
  • Overall weight, including the number of occupants, accompanying gear, and the amount of cargo
  • Level of maintenance

As a general safety practice, it is advisable to be extra cautious and go slowly, especially when riding on unfamiliar trails or uneven slopes. In addition, you may want to remain alert when changing from one terrain to another. What’s more, it is always a good idea to practice at low speeds before advancing to faster speeds.

Tracker 800SX Problems and Solutions

Tracker 800SX problems

1. Starting problems

A faulty engine or one that struggles to start is by far one of the most common Tracker 800SX Crew problems. In most cases, the failure of your starter to engage may be a sign of insufficient fuel flow or a dead battery. So, before moving further in diagnosing the problem ensure that you have sufficient fuel and that the battery is fully charged.

The easiest way to troubleshoot starting problems is to inspect the engine for any sign of damage. Furthermore, ensure your machine is getting a spark to the engine and enough gas to facilitate ignition. If your machine is not getting any spark, the easiest solution is to replace the spark plug.

If you’ve replaced the spark plug, but Tracker 800SX still won’t start, you’ll need to check if the engine is getting sufficient airflow. If the airflow is not sufficient enough, the engine will not run properly, and your vehicle might not start up. That said, ensure to clean or replace the air filter with a new one to improve air circulation in and out of the engine.

You may also want to inspect the fuel tank, fuel pump, filter, and injector to ensure they are in good working condition. You will also need to inspect your battery to establish if it charging properly and if not consider getting a replacement. You can also use this time to drain the oil and refill it with a clean one if need be.

2. Battery problems

Another common problem you may encounter with your 800SX is battery issues. The UTV battery can malfunction because of several reasons, but luckily battery issues are easy to diagnose. Some of the common battery issues that you’re likely to encounter with your machine include;

  • A dead battery
  • Charging irregularities
  • Inability to recharge
  • Discharging too rapidly

Generally, poor connections can make the battery fail to recharge fully or fail to recharge altogether. Now, to troubleshoot battery issues, you’ll first need to ensure that the terminal connections are secure. In addition, you’ll need to tighten the terminals and apply grease or an anti-corrosive agent to lubricate them and prevent corrosion.

If your battery has died or expired, then there is no other solution other than buying a new one. Similarly, if you suspect that the electrolytes are below the recommended level, then you’ll need to get a refill or go for a complete replacement.

Tracker 800SX Side View

3. Tracker 800SX transmission problems

Transmission issues are also common among 800SX owners, and if they are not fixed earlier, they can blow out of proportion. Some of the signs of a faulty transmission system that you’ll need to look out for include unusual noise, burning smell, leakage of the transmission fluid, and challenges when shifting from one gear to another.

There are several reasons why your UTV transmission system may jerk, hesitate or fail to shift. The common causes include;

  • Insufficient fluid level
  • Reduced fluid friction capabilities
  • Malfunctioning cold/temperature fluidity

To solve transmission issues, you’ll need to employ a regular maintenance schedule for your transmission system. In addition, check the transmission fluid level and refill if needed. If your transmission fluid is aged or worn out, it can also cause a myriad of transmission issues. So, if you suspect dirty fluid is compromising the transmission system, we recommend you change the fuel.

Similarly, if cold weather is causing the transmission to shift harder than usual, consider using premium-quality synthetic fluid. Synthetic fluids do not thicken during cold temperatures, and this helps to enhance shift quality and optimize transmission service life.

4. Insufficient/ loss of engine power

Insufficient engine power may be caused by a variety of reasons, including an empty fuel tank, a clogged/dirty injector, a broken/dirty spark plug, a faulty ignition coil, a rundown crankshaft sensor, etc. The easiest way to fix this problem is to ensure that your engine is receiving sufficient power by repairing or replacing any broken/faulty part.

Furthermore, ensure there is enough fuel in your tank and if the filters/ injector are dirty or blocked, ensure to clean or replace them if needed. The ignition system is also a probable culprit, so ensure to check the condition of the spark plug and the ignition coil since they can also make your machine lose power.

5. Overheating

Just like any other vehicle, it is not uncommon for this UTV to overheat, especially when riding for an extended period. The 800SX engine is susceptible to overheating due to a variety of reasons, such as low coolant levels, a faulty radiator cap, and a malfunctioning motor fan.

In some cases, stopping the vehicle momentarily to let the engine cool down can help solve the situation. However, this is only a temporary solution, and it does not always get to the root cause of the problem. That said, you can troubleshoot overheating issues by;

  • Checking your coolant level regularly
  • Topping up the coolant level
  • Tightening/replacing the radiator cap
  • Flushing the cooling system

If your transmission system is not aligned properly, it can lead to various gear problems, including the inability to shift gears, grinding gears, gear slipping, or even getting out of gear. If you notice any of these signs, never attempt to ride your UTV until you fix the problem.

In most cases, gear problems arise from a faulty clutch, but they can also be caused by a fault within the transmission system. To be on the safe side, consider towing your vehicle to a mechanic shop or getting an expert to inspect your vehicle and determine the exact issue.

6. Grinding or failing brakes

Most UTV owners tend to overlook the braking system and this can lead to serious consequences. When your 800SX braking system keeps on failing or grinding, it could be a sign of a more serious problem. Other signs to look out for include leaking brake fluid, a burning smell, the brake light coming on, and taking longer than usual to stop the vehicle. If you notice any of these signs, the best thing is to take your machine to a qualified mechanic to help diagnose the problem and have your braking system serviced.

Tracker 800SX rear view


The Tracker 800SX is a high-performance side-by-side vehicle thanks to its superior suspension and excellent ground clearance. It is your best choice for performing simple yard tasks as well as hauling different materials to a worksite or across the farm. However, this utility vehicle requires regular maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape.

That said, it is not uncommon for this machine to malfunction or break down even with regular maintenance. Luckily, we’ve provided handy troubleshooting tips to help get your 800SX back in working order. The best part yet, most of the problems require quick fixes, and you don’t necessarily need to take your UTV to a mechanic.

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