CFMoto 500 Top Speed (Specs & Upgrades)

The CFMoto CForce 500 is one of CFMoto’s lightest and smallest ATVs, yet packs a lot of firepower under its hood at a budget-friendly price. As a utility vehicle, this model features incredible engine power considering its compact build. However, the CForce 500 is primarily designed for off-roading and work rather than top-end speed. So, how fast can the CForce 500 go? In this article, we’ll be reviewing the CFMoto 500 top speed and ways to increase the speed for riders who prioritize speed. However, before we get into that, let’s review the specs of CFMoto’s CForce 500.

CFMoto CForce 500 Specs

The CForce 500 is designed to give you a smooth ride, whether you are planning to use it for off-roading or work. Here are the key specifications of CFMoto’s CForce 500.

  • Engine Type: This ATV model is built around a 495 cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-valve, 4-stroke, SOHC engine. The engine has a max power output of 38 HP at 6250 RPM and 32 FT. LBS at 6000 RPM.
  • Wheels: The CForce 500 features 12 inches cast aluminum alloy wheels and a wheelbase of 50.7 inches.
  • Suspension & Brakes: This ATV also sits double A-Arm independent front and rear suspensions, with adjustable shock absorbers. The front and rear hydraulic discs bring this ATV model to a stop.
  • Electronics: The ATV features high-intensity LED headlights and integrated running lights at the back. It also features electronic power steering for extra control.

With these specifications, the CFMoto CForce 500 offers a lot for its price. Most CFMoto 500 reviews are also quite promising, but none of this tells us just how fast this ATV model goes. Let’s find out now.

CFMoto 500 Top Speed

CFMoto CForce 500 Top Speed

The top speed of any vehicle depends on several factors, like drivetrain, power, aerodynamics, and weight. It also depends on some external factors, such as weather, the road slope, and terrain. Depending on the terrain, the CForce 500 top speed ranges between 52 – 55 mph.

Although the CForce 500 does have a tremendous torque of 32 FT. LBS, this does not translate to great acceleration. Basically, the 4-wheeler basically takes about 7 – 8 seconds to hit its top speed, which isn’t so bad for a utility model. For the speed enthusiasts out there who wish this ATV model could go a bit faster, fear not because there are a number of ways to increase this ATV’s top speed.

Increasing The CForce 500 Top Speed

If you’re a fan of motor racing, there are various upgrades you can make to the CForce 500 to increase its power, acceleration, and, ultimately, its top speed.

While ramping up your ATV and adding accessories will definitely increase its power and top speed, it will also come at a cost and in some instances, your warranty. Ideally, by upgrading this ATV model, you are also voiding its warranty (if you still have any warranty duration left).

Furthermore, making these upgrades may also increase the chances of wear and tear, which will eventually increase the maintenance costs. That said, below are steps you can take to boost the CForce engine.

Modify The Air Intake

The air intake system in the engine comprises the air filter and airbox. This system allows clean air to flow into the engine and also regulates the amount of fuel that can go into it.

By upgrading the air intake system, it allows extra clean air to find its way into the engine for better engine performance. Increasing the air going in and out of your CForce 500’s engine will give it more power and, eventually, more speed.

Generally, high-performing air filters have a low resistance to airflow and high flow rates, so more clean air can go into the engine. While doing so, it’s recommended you adhere to the manufacturer’s installation guide to avoid impacting engine performance negatively or causing any engine damage.

Modify The Exhaust

After upgrading the air intake system, the extra airflow will have to escape eventually. Therefore, you may want to provide a more effective escape for this additional airflow by also upgrading the exhaust.

The improved airflow will increase torque and horsepower, as well as provide extra speed. Besides increasing your ATV’s top speed, switching to a high-performance exhaust system will also increase the CForce 500’s sound output, giving it a more sporty and aggressive sound.

Note: When modifying your exhaust system, it is essential you opt for a system designed specifically for your CForce model and year.

Tune The ECU

To bypass speed restrictions, it is critical to switch off the electronic speed limiter. To achieve this, you’ll need to tune the ECU (electronic control unit) to disable the speed restrictions. Having the ECU tuned will help ensure that the CForce 500 reaches peak engine performance, especially if you have upgraded the exhaust and intake systems.

By properly tuning the ECU, you can guarantee that your CForce gets the needed fuel-to-air ratio at every throttle position, resulting in increased speed and better throttle response. However, an ECU tune-up is a complex process so, you may want to consider hiring an expert to perform the procedure.

Improper ECU installation will cause more harm than good to your ATV. While ECU tune-ups are often worth it, they are generally expensive. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider the costs before performing the process.

Tuning the ECU will also have some extra benefits for your CForce 500 including:

  • Improved horsepower.
  • Increased fuel economy.

Break-in Period Ascertains Top Speed

In the instruction manual for CFMoto’s CForce 500, it provides the recommended break-in period. Failure to follow this break-in period can cause long-term negative consequences for the vehicle’s performance.

This break-in period refers to the initial 200 miles or 20 hours of driving, during which time the ATV’s engine and its components polish and wear themselves to correct operating clearances. During this period, it is essential to avoid extreme engine heat.

According to the instruction manual, riders should drive slowly using varied throttle positions. They should also avoid consistent operation above ½ throttle for 100 miles or the first 10 hours and consistent operation above ¾ throttle for 100 to 200 miles or 10 to 20 hours.


Though CForce 500 is one of CFMoto’s smallest and most budget-friendly ATV models, its 52 -55 mph top speed is respectable. If you aren’t satisfied with its top speed, you can undertake a few modifications to boost it. But one thing’s sure; this is a great ATV. In addition, pay attention to the CForce’s break-in period. This can make all the difference in its final top speed.

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