What Wheels Fit Jeep Cherokee? The Ultimate Guide

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a terrific SUV and one of the greatest of all time on- and off-roader. There is no doubt that the Grand Cherokee is a force to reckon with when it comes to supple seats and premium feel, plus it provides plenty of features and comfort in equal measure.

Its gorgeous interior and infotainment tech also makes it sit at top of renowned SUV brands, and it rivals some of America’s large and lavish SUVs, such as the BMW, Volkswagen Touareg, Land Rover Discovery, among others.

However, like any other SUV, the harsh off-road conditions make your wheels wear out faster than when driving on paved surfaces. Good wheels are essential for the proper functioning of your vehicle, plus they help ensure proper responsiveness and comfort when driving your Jeep.

While there are several factors that you’ll need to consider when planning to venture close to nature, choosing the right wheels for your Jeep top the list. In addition, understanding what wheels interchange with Jeep Cherokee makes it easy to find replacement wheels for your Jeep while allowing you to take on any trail with confidence.

Finding the right wheels for your Jeep Cherokee can be an unnerving task, plus you’ll need to be cautious when doing the replacement. But, if you know what wheels will fit and interchange with your Jeep, the process will be pretty straightforward.

What wheels fit Jeep Cherokee?

First off, SUVs come with relatively larger tires to help improve off-road performance and enhance their look. In addition, choosing tires that are either too small or too large is not recommended as it can have negative impacts on overall handling, ride quality, fuel mileage, steering response, just to mention a few.

What Wheels Fit Jeep Cherokee

That said, always ensure to adhere as much as possible to the manufacturer’s specifications before you consider replacing or upgrading your tires. The best thing is that the user manual offers clear instructions to guide you through the process of changing your Jeep wheels.

Generally, the recommended wheel sizes of the Jeep Grand Cherokee range from 17-inch to 20-inch depending on the Jeep model and year. However, there are a few Jeep models with wheel diameters of more than 20 inches.

Here are a few examples of Jeep Grand Cherokee and the recommended wheel sizes.

Jeep Grand Cherokee ModelTiresWheel DiameterTires
2022 New Grand Cherokee LaredoP245/70TR1717 inches6.5 inches
2022 New Grand Cherokee AltitudeP265/50SR2020 inches8 inches
2022 New Grand Cherokee LimitedP265/60TR1818 inches8 inches
2022 New Grand Cherokee TrailhawkP265/60TR1818 inches8 inches
2022 New Grand Cherokee OverlandP265/50TR2020 inches8.5 inches
2022 New Grand Cherokee SummitP265/50VR2020 inches8.5 inches
2022 New Grand Cherokee Summit ReserveP275/45VR2121 inches9 inches

When you check the sidewall of your tires, you’ll see a letter and number sequence like the one we’ve listed in the tire column above. For example, the tire code on Grand Cherokee Laredo tires is P245/70TR17.

Now, the first letter’ P’ stands for passenger tires meaning the tires are meant for passenger vehicles. Other tires may come with LT (light truck) load rating meaning the tires are appropriate for tough off-road conditions and handling heavy loads.

If your vehicle is designed for LT tires, downgrading to P-rated tires is not recommended. However, if your car is built for passenger tires you can always upgrade with matching LT tires. Most Jeep Grand Cherokee models come with P-grade tires, but you can always upgrade with heavy-duty LT tires to improve its off-road performance.

The second part of the tire code represents the width of the tread (i.e., from sidewall to sidewall) in millimeters. This measurement lets you know how wide the tires need to be in order to fit your Jeep. In our scenario, the Grand Cherokee Laredo tires are 245 mm wide from side wall to side wall.

The next number stands for the aspect ratio with respect to the sidewall/tread width. For example, Laredo tires have an aspect ratio of 70% of 245 which equals to approximately 171.5 mm. Generally, the bigger the aspect ratio, the larger the sidewall, and vice versa is also true.

The last part of the code represents the diameter of the wheels in inches. In our case, the tires of the Jeep Laredo wheels only accommodate wheels with a rim diameter of 17 inches only. Any rim with a diameter low or higher than 17 inches won’t fit onto your Jeep.

What wheels interchange with Jeep Cherokee?

From the table above, it is easy to see that you can easily interchange Jeep Cherokee Limited wheels with those of Trailhawk. Provided that the rims for Jeep Grand Cherokee match in terms of diameter and width, then you should not have a problem interchanging wheels.

All you need to do is to ensure that your Jeep wheel size, bolt pattern, and the wheel offset are identical with your new wheels. Luckily, you can access this information by measuring the rim physically or checking the measurements on the attached label.

In addition, you can interchange Jeep Grand Cherokee wheels with other Jeep series provided that they are compatible. So, if you come across a Jeep Wrangler owner selling their old tires and they match your Cherokee numbers, then you can consider the offer.

The best thing is that a good number of Wrangler series use 17 in. wheels, which match both old and new Jeep Cherokee models. Provided that the number matches, then there is nothing that should prevent you from replacing your tires with the Jeep Wrangler series.

However, wheel compatibility with other vehicles may vary depending on the manufacturing year. In addition, the shape and measurement of the Jeep Cherokee are quite different from other vehicles, and this might make it hard to find matching wheels.

In addition, the bolt patterns of Jeeps are entirely different from that of other vehicles, making it impossible to interchange the wheels. If you attempt to fit wrong size wheels onto your Jeep, the project is doomed to fail from the beginning, plus the probability of causing accidents is also high.

Final Thoughts!

With the increasing popularity of off-road adventuring, the demand for all-terrains wheels and tires has also grown. Jeep Grand Cherokee users have not been left behind, and most owners are now equipping their Jeep with road-optimized/ all-terrain wheels. However, not all wheels are made equal, and not every wheel will be compatible with your Jeep Cherokee model.

The most important step in deciding which wheels are right for you is to dig deeper and explore your options to help you establish whether the available wheels will match your daily requirements. As you gain more experience, the easy it will become to find tires that match your needs.

Remember, the best Jeep Grand Cherokee are the ones that seamlessly fit your vehicle without the need for modifications. Generally, tall and wide wheels are often associated with an increased ground clearance which comes in handy when riding on really tough and muddy terrains. However, you may need to make some tradeoffs in terms of increased fuel noise and reduced fuel economy.

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