How to Turn Off ESP Bas Light on Jeep- Facts You Need to Know

Since its inception, the ESP (Electronic Stability Program) system has been attributed to a decrease in the number of loss of control-related road accidents, thereby saving thousands of lives. The ESP is a mandatory requirement on most passengers’ cars, but for you to get the most of the feature, it is critical to understand how the system works.

The ESP is one of the many safety features and driving aid technologies used in today’s cars. This system is specially designed to help you to remain in control of your vehicle during driving emergencies, such as when trying to avoid an immobile vehicle on your motorway. In other words, the stability control system allows you to maneuverer safely in your intended direction.

The system works in conjunction with the ABS sensors to determine if your direction of travel is in accordance with the inputs of your steering. Now, if the system detects any deviation, it automatically adjusts your direction in the blink of an eye. However, the ESP system heavily relies on the traction and ABS systems to perform optimally.

How to Turn Off ESP Bas Light on Jeep

What does ESP Bas mean on a Jeep?

If you notice ESP Bas light and traction control light indicating on your Jeep dashboard, it simply means that either the ESP system or the BAS (Brake Assist Program) is faulty. The two are critical safety features, so any mechanical hitch should be attended to as soon as possible.

Now, when the ESP Bas light indicator comes on, it is simply telling you that the vehicle stability control system is not functioning well, and you’ll need to repair it as soon as possible. At this point, you may also want to learn how to reset ESP Bas light.

Ideally, the ABS wheel sensors allow your car to examine the direction of travel in relation to your steering angle and adjust accordingly. It is important to note that the ESP system utilizes extra sensors away from the ABS sensors to achieve this objective.

As long as your ESP is functional, your Jeep should be in a position to heed the steering inputs i.e., the car moving left when steering to the left and vice versa. In the event that your wheels are pointed in the opposite direction, the stability control system will swing into action and return the vehicle to the right track.

This may involve a series of actions, including reducing/moderating your speed and engaging the brakes of the affected wheels. While the stability system is not always effective, it helps the Jeep remain stable, especially under unfavorable driving conditions.

ESP BAS light on Jeep

How to turn off ESP BAS light on Jeep

When the ESP BAS light comes on, it means that the stability control system has been activated. The light might just flash on and off, but usually, it will stay on until the ESP is deactivated. In some cases, this happens in a fraction of a second, so you might not even notice.

Whenever the light appears, it is essentially preventing your car from losing control, especially when driving under harsh conditions. Ideally, the light should come on when the system is steering your vehicle back to the intended course and go away once the problem is solved.

However, when the light stays on permanently, then it means that there is an issue with your ESP system that needs to be addressed. So, why is ESP Bas light turned on? There are many reasons why the ESP light can remain illuminated constantly, but mostly the problem is caused by an error in the system. Some of the main reasons the ESP BAS light stays on are;

Faulty SAS (Steering Angle Sensor)

When ESP Bas light remains permanently illuminated, it could be an indication of an inoperative steering angle sensor. In most cases, you’ll only need to reset the sensor, but if it is permanently damaged, then you’ll need a replacement.

Realigning the sensor will follow a sequence of steps that will involve turning the steering wheel to the right, then to the left, before turning it back to the center. General, this allows you to calibrate the angle sensor, and once the system is reset, the ESP light should go off automatically.

Issues with the Wheel Speed Sensor

If the ESP Bas light does not go away even after troubleshooting your SAS, then the problem may be emanating from the Wheel Speed Sensors. Ideally, the Wheel Speed Sensors are designed to detect and relay information about the speed of individual wheels to the ESP control unit.

If the sensors are faulty or are unable to relay the data, the control unit is going to register an error, thereby making the light to stay on. If you establish that the sensors are inaccurate or have started to wear out, the best thing to do is to replace them immediately. Once replaced, we believe it should solve the problem, and you should be able to drive your Jeep without the light showing.

Broken wiring

If you’ve ruled out the angle and speed sensors, but the problem persists, you may want to check for broken wiring. Bad connections can interfere with the transfer of signals, thereby resulting in an ESP error. As such, you may want to examine your wiring, and if there is any sign of damage or wearing, you should plan for repairs or replacement as soon as possible.

Faulty throttle

Basically, the throttle body helps regulate the amount of power delivered by the ESP system, thus allowing the system to run smoothly. Now if the throttle body is dirty or becomes unresponsive, it interferes with the normal functioning of the stability control system.

One of the warning signs of a malfunctioning or dirty throttle is the illumination of the ESP Bas light. If you suspect that the throttle body may be the reason behind the problem, then you’ll need to examine the entire throttle body housing and have any issues fixed before they become irreparable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: is ESP important in a Jeep?

Yes. The ESP is a very critical safety feature in any vehicle, and it is a great way to mitigate undesirable effects associated with skidding. It also helps to monitor various car operations while ensuring that your steering angle and speed are in check.

Q: Can I drive with the ESP Bas light on?

Although it is basically safe to drive with the ESP Bas light on, it is not highly recommended. Having the ESP light on constantly means the system is faulty, and this increases the risk of losing control as opposed to when the system is operational. As such, it is always a good idea to investigate the reasons behind the problem and get the system fixed ASAP.

A Final Word!

It is almost impossible to find any Jeep or any modern car for that matter without the stability control system. However, when the ESP Bas stays on permanently, it means the system is experiencing some hitches. When this happens, the first thing you’ll need to do is to examine your vehicle to establish the root cause of the problem. Ideally, once the underlying issue is solved, then the ESP light should go off automatically.

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